An Idiot’s Guide to 4fortyfour

Earlier this year, I completed a thesis on the future of professional music journalism in Ireland, in an era of citizen journalism. During that thesis, I got to talk to some of the most knowledgeable music journalists and bloggers in Ireland and it set in motion a train of thought that has culminated with 4fortyfour.

When I completed the thesis, an excellent summary of which you can find here, the finding that stood out most for me was that newspaper and magazine editors do not give music journalism – specifically popular (and by that I mean rock/pop/indie and everything beyond) music journalism – the gravitas it deserves. As far as I’m concerned, great writing is great writing, regardless of the topic.

But I am not a newspaper or magazine editor (not since I left college at least) so what can I do to change the way music journalism/writing is perceived? Well, the blueprint already exists in the sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious but always brilliant Anti-Room blog. In much the same way the Anti-Room gives a voice to some of Ireland’s best writers, who all happen to be female, 4fortyfour will give a new voice to some of the same people, but in this case their common bond is a passion for music.

While 4fortyfour will feature your usual blend of reviews and interviews it will also provide a vast swathe of opinion pieces from some of the most knowledgeable and talented writers operating in Ireland today. As I type, 4fortyfour already has a number of contributors signed up, some of whom you can read more about here. This page will be updated regularly over the next few days so, please, keep an eye on it.

You’ll see blogs in the coming days and weeks from the likes of Aoife Barry (Sweet Oblivion), Peter Nagle (2UIBestow), Darragh McCausland (Asleep on the Compost Heap), Elaine Kirwan (Rarities, B-Sides & Other Stuff) and many more. There will also be guest blogs from musicians, record labels, promoters and more giving you, the reader a new insight into all aspects of music.

We hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as we’re going to enjoy writing for it. If you’d like to contact 4fortyfour, please use either email or Twitter, details of which you’ll find here. There will also be a Facebook page and new logo coming over the next few days.

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3 Responses to An Idiot’s Guide to 4fortyfour

  1. Great idea, Looking forward to reading it all! Best of luck

  2. Ken McGuire says:

    Nice one on the new blog, looking forward to the reads 🙂


  3. 4fortyfour says:

    Thank you both!

    If you ever feel like contributing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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