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For The Turnstiles: Junah Interview

Junah are hands down one of Ireland’s most talented bands. Junah have been making music together for a number of years, played some high profile gigs and have released a single in 2009 called ‘Low La Day’. I’m a massive … Continue reading

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Ear Worm #7

Following on from last week’s Valentine’s special, we now return to our regularly scheduled Ear Worm.

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For The Turnstiles: Anti-Folk Feature

Anti-folk [or Antifolk or Anti Folk] is a genre I discovered recently. When I hear about a sub-genre like ‘Anti-folk’ I always think that the new tag came about because the music didn’t fit the original genre! While researching the … Continue reading

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The Full 4fortyfour #2 – Padraig McCauley & The P Affection

In this week’s 4fortyfour group review we cast our ears over the self-titled debut album from Padraig McCauley and The P Affection. For those that don’t know, Kildare-based McCauley cut his teeth as songwiter, bassist and vocalist for Shoot Absolute.

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2 x 4fortyfour #1: JP13 – ‘Spooky Ghost Sound #5’

People keep telling us that music journalism is dead. Readers can instantly download and listen to music so why would they care what other people think? Here at 4fortyfour we think they do care but that, sometimes, music journalism and … Continue reading

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Ear Worm #6 – A Valentine’s Weekend Special

You’ll probably have noticed the increasing number of adverts for dating websites and perfume on your TV in recent weeks. That – plus the aching sense of loneliness you feel watching public displays of affection from lovesick couples when all … Continue reading

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Them’s The Vagaries#3: efil4zaggin

Karl and Sean talk about review scores and also find time for plenty of passive aggression and casual elitism. Continue reading

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