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Coming to the 4fortyfour

Coming to the 4fortyfour (These ‘puns’ have to stop – Ed.) is a new monthly feature that will showcase the best in emerging Irish and international music.

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Making the right Choice

This blog has its roots on the campsite in Larch Hill, sometime in the early 90s. There’s me, a step in my hair and a record number of badges on my sleeve. Our Cub Scout troop (14th Kildare) had just … Continue reading

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InReview: A Lazarus Soul – Through a Window in the Sunshine Room

I’ve sometimes wondered what the artists I’ve critiqued have thought of that review. That, of course, makes the massive assumption that they actually cared enough to read the review. InReview attempts to answer that question. In this series, I will … Continue reading

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I Prefer Their Earlier Stuff #1: Future Kings of Spain

I Prefer Their Earlier Stuff is an irregular series of blogs about Irish bands that are no longer with us – they’re not dead or anything, just not making music anymore. Where it all began: The Future Kings of Spain … Continue reading

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An Idiot’s Guide to 4fortyfour

Earlier this year, I completed a thesis on the future of professional music journalism in Ireland, in an era of citizen journalism. During that thesis, I got to talk to some of the most knowledgeable music journalists and bloggers in … Continue reading

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